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Diabetes in Pregnancy

1. Tips for women with diabetes to optimise glucose levels during pregnancy, and for those on Libre and Continous Glucose Monitoring (CGM):

2. Pre-pregnancy care:

All face to face pre-pregnancy appointments have been/will be cancelled until further notice.

3. COVID-19:

We recommend that women with diabetes resume or continue safe effective contraception until more is known about COVID-19 exposure during early pregnancy, and until routine NHS antenatal diabetes services resume.

4. Sick-day rules: For pregnant women with diabetes, COVID-19 like any other flu like illness, is best avoided if possible.

5.  ‘What is gestational diabetes?’ podcast 

This short and informative podcast created by the Diabetes Dietitians explains what gestational diabetes is, what causes it, how to manage blood glucose levels as well as dietary advice and recommendations for managing the condition.

6. InnoLet Patient Information Leaflet

This patient information leaflet is intended as a guide. For full information about yourdevice, please refer to the more detailed leaflet in the product pack.

7. Reviewing and Sharing Libre Data

Due to the current restrictions that are in place, we are running our clinics remotely.

To assist with your consultation, we would like you to upload your blood glucose results at home through Libre View.

8. Gestational Diabetes Guide to Novo Rapid Insulin

A short and user-friendly guide.

Useful links:

Royal College of Gynaecologists advice